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Core Knowledge Sequence

The Core Knowledge movement is an educational reform based on the premise that a grade-by-grade core of common learning is necessary to ensure a sound and fair elementary education. The movement was started by Professor E. D. Hirsch, Jr., author of Cultural Literacy and The Schools We Need and focuses on the knowledge that is most useful and productive for children living in American society today.

For parents, Core Knowledge enhances accountability and parental engagement by providing a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school. This outline (referred to as the Core Knowledge Sequence) also provides a common ground for communication between parents and educators.

The idea behind the Core Knowledge Sequence is simple and powerful: knowledge builds on knowledge. For the sake of academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, Core Knowledge provides a core curriculum that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific in order to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade.

If all of our children are to be fully educated and participate equally in civic life, then we must provide each of them with the shared body of knowledge that makes literacy and communication possible. This concept, central to the Core Knowledge Foundation’s goal of excellence and equity in education, takes shape in the Sequence—a pioneering attempt to outline the specific core of shared knowledge that all children should learn in American schools.

The Core Knowledge What Your—Grader Needs to Know series was created specifically for parents. These books are available in most book stores and outline the important knowledge taught in the Core Knowledge Sequence.

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Scott-Foresman Science

Scott Foresman Pre-K Science introduces preschoolers to the joys of learning with fun, engaging activities and age-appropriate science that start them on their way toward success in learning.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is proven curriculum that distributes instruction, practice, and assessment of related concepts throughout the year while building on the knowledge learned. Saxon Math provides the time for every student to learn, practice, process, and go beyond mastery. As a result, students retain learned concepts and reach proficiency. Unlike a traditional chapter approach that separates different concepts, such as whole numbers from fractions, Saxon Math integrates and connects strands on a daily basis. Students communicate, reason, and make connections.

Zaner Bloser Handwriting

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting is an engaging and colorful program that integrates with our language arts curriculum and uses academic language and modeling to teach manuscript handwriting.

Teacher Lead Character Education

Teachers create activities, lessons, and home-connect fun for each of North Star’s 5 points of pride; Citizenship, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence.