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Management System

NSA uses a web-based Volunteer Management System (VMS) to help manage all our volunteer information. Our system (developed and programmed by NSA) allows us to register volunteers, recruit volunteers, communicate with our volunteers through email, and track hours worked on events.

In addition, you (our wonderful volunteers!) have the ability to sign up for tasks and events which interest you (My Profile), log your hours (My Dashboard or Log Hours), and view total hours you’ve volunteered to date; pending and approved (My Dashboard).

The information is password-protected and the site is secure so the information is only available to authorized members of our school.

To access our NSA VMS: nsavms.com

Please log hours regularly!

During the school year, please ensure you are logging your worked volunteer hours on a regular and consistent basis. We prefer that you log them within the week you volunteered, but must ask that at a maximum you log them within the month worked.  You can log them while at school at our Volunteer Desk in the Lobby, at Home or while waiting in Carpool!  Good news!  We DO log some volunteer hours for you as follows:

  • Traffic Duty (Sign the Traffic Log Book each Shift you volunteer)
  • Lunchroom Duty (Sign the Lunchroom Log Book each Shift you volunteer
  • Donations (Receipts must be clearly labeled with name and what donation is for)
  • Purchased Volunteer Hours (Complete the Purchase Volunteer Hours Fom)
  • King Soopers (Donation amount screen shot is required during Quarterly Processing Window)
Scheduling System

NSA uses a web-based scheduling system called SignUp to schedule volunteers for most events and activities.  The scheduling system is used in conjunction with VMS to recruit and schedule volunteers. You may see emails from SignUp throughout the school year recruiting volunteers for specific activities.

If you have questions, please contact Dawn D’Amato at volunteer@nstaracademy.org.