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Program Staff

Volunteer Coordinator

Dawn D’Amato – volunteer@nstaracademy.org

Area Volunteer Coordinators (AVC)
Volunteer Area AVC Name School Email Address
Accelerated Reader / Classroom / Spanish / Specials Carrie Knoles ar@nstaracademy.org
Library/Media Lori Wood library@nstaracademy.org
Computer Lab / Technology Melissa Larson tech@nstaracademy.org
Copy Room Ginger Peterson copy@nstaracademy.org
King Soopers Rosalyn Roach ks@nstaracademy.org
Traffic & Safety Dee Dee Griffin, Jenn Millage nstraffic@hotmail.com
Volunteer Appreciation Sara Kellogg thankyou@nstaracademy.org
Special Events (Trunk or Treat, Staff / Vol Appreciation, etc.) Jen McMullen, Melissa Harman, Melissa Lago, Ashley Parker events@nstaracademy.org
Special Projects (Uniform Sale) Melanie Hora projects@nstaracademy.org


AVC Recruitment

We replace AVCs on an as needed basis. When it is necessary to replace our Volunteer Program staff, we will send out a school wide announcement with specific information concerning the position(s) we are recruiting. When considering applicants, we look at several factors including length of time the family has been at NSA, involvement of applicant in activities and events at NSA, and completion of volunteer hours and traffic duty in previous years. In addition, we will also talk to NSA teachers and staff about the applicant and their experiences with them. All of these factors will be taken into consideration when recruiting for any AVC positions.