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Homework Club

For Homework Club portal and registration, please click here.
  1. The phone number to use during club hours is: 303-550-6844. 
  • Please note this phone is not monitored outside of club hours. 
  • The phone is monitored from 7am -7:50am and 4pm - 5:30p. 
  • Please send an email or call the front desk during school hours. 
  • Save this phone number as a contact.


  1. Morning Club drop-off begins at 7am in the cul de sac and students enter at the side door in the wood chip area.
  • A teacher will greet your students between 7 and 7:10.
  • If you drop off after 7:10, please text 303-550-6844 so the teacher can meet your student(s).
  • At 7:50, students will be dismissed to their classroom. 


  1.  Homework Club pick-up takes place in the cul de sac at the side door in the wood chip area. 
  • Text 303-550-6844 with your student(s) full name and park in the cul de sac. Please do not come in the front of the school for pick-up.
  • Pick-up is from 4pm-5:30pm. Please read the schedule attached. 
  • One of the teachers will bring your student(s) out the side door to the wood chip area in the cul de sac. 
  • It takes students several minutes to pack up their bags and be ready for dismissal. You can message when on your way to have students ready if you are pressed for time. 


  1. Snacks
  • Pack nut-free snack(s)- we are not able to provide food in Morning or Homework Club. 
  • Several students in both clubs have nut allergies, please be respectful and pack nut-free items.
  • Please be sure to pack enough for the day- students often eat their snack intended for after school before they arrive!


  1. Attendance
  • Students are dismissed to Homework Club at the end of each day over afternoon announcements. 
  • They are dismissed by grade group and told where to go each day. Occasionally changes are made based on the number of students and the teachers working homework club. 
  • Attendance will be taken when the students arrive. 
  • We ask that you wait until 4pm to pick up your students until after 4pm.  Between 3:30 and 4pm we are taking attendance and getting the students organized. 
  • You’ll receive a text or email alert when you students arrive to homework club, depending on your selection at registration.
  • Morning Club attendance will be taken as well.