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Core Values

“We, the Citizenship of North Star Academy, pledge to have respect for others, responsibility for ourselves, integrity in our actions and words, and excellence in our work.”
– Written by Deven Deepak Patel, 5th Grade – 2007/2008
The vision of North Star Academy is based on five core values that serve as the foundation for the school’s educational program and are reinforced within the culture of the school:
  • Excellence – motivating students to achieve at their highest potential through an award-winning, research-based academic program.
  • Integrity – encouraging honesty, high standards and strong moral principles among all members of the school community through a nationally-recognized character education program.
  • Respect – teaching students an appreciation of and respect for other cultures, nationalities, traditions and languages through a District-model Spanish language program.
  • Citizenship – providing students with opportunities to serve others through authentic and relevant community service projects.
  • Responsibility – inspiring students to act independently, take responsibility for their actions and serve as role models for other students through meaningful leadership opportunities within the school.
These core values serve as the foundation for the school’s Code of Conduct and other school policies, creating a supportive learning culture that values academic excellence and character development.