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Elementary School Philosophy

North Star Academy Elementary School is based on a philosophy that prepares students to be intelligent, productive and contributing leaders of society.  All students will engage in an academically rigorous curriculum with an emphasis in Foreign Language instruction.  Through thoughtful character education and service learning opportunities, students will become independent, critical thinkers who demonstrate leadership, citizenship, respect, responsibility, excellence, and integrity.


North Star Academy delivers a rigorous educational program driven by high standards and a research-based curriculum.

The elementary school program at NSA provides Kindergarten-5th grade students with an academic approach in three key areas:

  1. A deep knowledge in core discipline areas (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies) through the use of E. D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge curriculum, resulting in high academic achievement and growth.
  2. A focus on character education and service learning enabling students to reach beyond the classroom into their communities and become responsible and respectful members of society.
  3. Intensive daily foreign language instruction (Spanish) that goes beyond the standard foreign language program, integrating Spanish across the curriculum and encouraging an understanding and appreciation of various cultures and traditions, producing proficient Spanish language speakers.

Music, art, physical education and technology are also essential components of NSA’s educational program.


Grade Comment Percentage
A Superior 93-100
B Above Average 85-92
C Average 77-84
D Below Average 70-76
F Failing 69-Below


Differentiated Instruction

NSA believes that students develop an understanding for educational principles and acquire knowledge in a variety of ways. Thus, NSA delivers its curriculum using a differentiated instructional approach making learning accessible to every student. NSA engages students in learning by providing instruction that is engaging , valuable, authentic and fulfilling.


Collaborative Learning Environment

NSA is committed to providing a collaborative learning environment for its teachers. Opportunities are available for school staff to learn from each other and to learn from other educational professionals.  Student needs are constantly changing, therefore NSA provides teachers with professional development opportunities to learn new, innovative and research-based instructional strategies that ensure high academic achievement and growth for all students.


NSA Elementary School Discipline Policy

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