Handbook and Forms

Documents relevant to the current school year can be found in this section.

Parent Student Handbook
The NSA Parent Student Handbook is reviewed each school year by administration. It includes general school information, details about the school’s academic program, classroom information, discipline procedures, school office procedures and parent information.

North Star Academy Workplace Culture


Organizations will have miscommunications and other conflicts from time to time. When this happens, listening to employees and engaging in restorative practices is important to sustaining a positive work environment. We believe in using our internal problem-solving practices first before involving outside resources. Human Resources can be an advocate, a neutral and objective 3rd party, and facilitate resolutions based on mutual interests in most cases.




Dispute Resolution Process

The Dispute Resolution Process is designed to provide employees with an impartial procedure in an attempt to resolve work-related conflicts in a timely manner regarding an employee’s job, management, policies or in some cases about other employees, with the assurance that no reprisals will result from doing so.

Reporting Harassment/Workplace/Bullying
Employees can report discrimination, harassment, workplace bullying or other workplace concerns to one of the following persons: your Human Resources Manager or direct supervisor. NSA expects employees to make a timely complaint to enable NSA to promptly investigate and correct any behavior that may be in violation of our policies. NSA prohibits retaliation against any employee for filing a complaint or for assisting in a complaint investigation. NSA will respond to every complaint of discrimination or harassment reported.
School Policies