40 Hour Club

We wish to thank the following NSA Family members that have volunteers 40 or more hours!  It is families like this that provide a foundation of excellence for our school and students. We are so appreciative of their efforts!

 40 Hour Club Members

2022 - 2023

40 Never Looked so GOOD!


Aug - Oct 7  
Volunteer Name Student(s)
Wu Michelle Kim, Wei Wu Carter, Colin
Roach Rosalyn, Dave Hannah, Courney
Knoles Carrie, Ken Hailey, Caleb
Sprinkle Shawn, Stan Mason, Brooklyn
Lago Melissa, Louie Milania, Salvatore
Gosney Sharon Grayson, Graham
Gompert Lindsey, Matthew Mason, Madelyn, Merrick, Micah
Jennings Robin, James Ryann
Swanson Angela, Andrew Eli, Logan
Gragg Whitney, Chris Guiliana
Schaffer Jean Ethan
Claypool Josh Abbygale
Douglas Robert Brooklyn, Avery
Hines Chad Lincoln, Avery
McDonald Katye, Sean Lucy, Gwen
Decker Maggie, Richard Annalisa, Jacob, Ava
Burden Jennifer, Gregory Gregory, Cole, Quinn
Gratton Sarah, Max Dexter
Venalonzo Erika Abarca Alexander, Breanna