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School Profile


North Star Academy opened its doors to begin their inaugural year with grades K-6 in 2006. Pre-K began in the fall of 2018.


North Star Academy sits comfortably on the south end of Denver in the family friendly town of Parker, Colorado.



Half Day AM  8:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. (Offering is Monday-Friday)
Half Day PM  12:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.  (Offering is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)


We enjoy the cozy feel of a smaller program and will have no more than 30 students enrolled at any given time.  This affords our teachers more opportunity to build relationships and meet the individual needs of each student.


North Star Academy students participate in research based curriculum, social and emotional development activities, and learn to form an appreciation for learning through hands-on exploration.


Student/Teacher ratios are 1:8 – One Teacher for every eight students with a maximum of 15 children enrolled per class (under maximum per state standards).


Our teachers have over 20 years teaching experience and dedication working with early learners.


North Star Academy engages student learning through the use of the Core Knowledge Curriculum founded by E.D. Hirsch. Its unique structure connects student learning in a cohesive manner while developing critical thinking that is age appropriate. Additionally, it prepares students for the rigorous classical education found within the walls of our high school. While it aligns with Common Core standards and Colorado State Academic Standards for preschool, Core Knowledge demonstrates that students can exceed the state standards of education while developing a strong educational foundation. Additionally, our preschool program utilizes ABC-123-Just For Me! by Zaner Bloser as our handwriting curriculum. Through this curriculum, students work on developing fine motor skills and strength in their hands to best prepare them for writing and other pre-literacy skills.  Scott-Foresman science curriculum is used Pre-K through 8th grade and encourages an understanding of concepts through experiments and discovery.  Saxon Math is used in Pre-K through 8th grade as well and is a hands-on spiraling curriculum that engages students in gradual mastery of key concepts.  North Star Academy prides itself in its focus on service learning. Students engage in opportunities that allow them to give back to the community and find their place in making our world a better place!


Families transport their students to and from school, many forming carpools either on their own or through the school sponsored program.  Any students coming or going on a daycare bus – all arrangements are made through the parent and not the responsibility of NSA.