Middle School » Spanish


North Star Academy offers three, year- long Spanish courses in middle school. The emphasis in all three courses is communication, and to gain knowledge and understanding of the Hispanic culture. Students study Spanish through thematic units from the textbook Realidades and from other world language sources. Students have many opportunities to demonstrate what they can do with the language through a variety of interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational tasks. Classes are conducted 90% of the time in Spanish and the students are highly motivated to participate in all class activities and use the language.

Spanish 1a

This course is offered in sixth grade and allows the students to review basic vocabulary and language structures learned at the elementary level and to expand on the learning of new vocabulary and the use of complete structures. In addition, the students read and demonstrate comprehension of TPRS novels, and reinforce their knowledge of concepts learned in other subjects such as mathematics, social studies, and /or science through Spanish. At the end of the year, the students are able to use the language to communicate about familiar topics, including the following: self-descriptions, friends, a typical day in school, mealtimes, and the community.

Spanish 1b

This course is offered in seventh grade and is a continuation of Spanish 1a. The students reinforce vocabulary and language structures learned in 6th grade. The students learn new vocabulary and continue working on descriptions, narrations in the present, and asking and answering questions in Spanish. The goal is to start creating with the language and to use the language in class as much as possible.

Spanish 1/2

This course is offered in eighth grade and is a bridge between Spanish 1 and 2. Students who are not quite ready for the rigors of Spanish 2  take 1/2 in order to be fully prepared for Spanish 2 in 9th grade.  Students review concepts, skills, grammar, vocabulary, and structures from previous years in order to improve the four areas of communication.  Reading, writing, listening, speaking.
Spanish 2

This course is offered in eighth grade and is equivalent to a second year of high school Spanish. Spanish 2 is a more challenging class that prepares students for the rigor of a high school world language course. Successful completion of this course allows students to earn high school credit and to advance into Spanish 3 or Spanish 2 Honors in 9th grade. Students review skills from previous years, learn new vocabulary, and create longer language structures. They also work on descriptions and narrations in the present and the past, how to sustain a conversation, and conduct oral presentations in front of the class. The goal is to create with the language and to take more risks using the language.