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NSA continues its implementation of the Core Knowledge Sequence in middle school, grades 6 – 8. Explicit identification of what children should learn at each grade level ensures a coherent approach to building knowledge across all grade levels. Every child should learn the fundamentals of science, basic principles of government, important events in world history, essential elements of mathematics, widely acknowledged masterpieces of art and music from around the world, and stories and poems passed down from generation to generation.

A coherent, cumulative, and content-specific grade by grade outline of topics helps ensure academic excellence, greater equity, and increased literacy. Children enter each new grade ready to learn—with a strong foundation of relevant background knowledge. The intentional sequencing of topics also helps prevent repetitions and gaps that so often characterize current education.

As in the elementary school program, the Core Knowledge Foundation has published The Core Knowledge What Your—Grader Needs to Know series for parents. These books are available in most book stores and outline the important knowledge taught in the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Visit the Core Knowledge Foundation at www.coreknowledge.net