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NSA is now using Membership Toolkit for our online, secure School Directory!


Using Membership Toolkit allows us to make the School Directory available at the beginning of the school year and keep it up-to-date throughout the school year as Parents / Guardians are able to make updates to their School Directory data at any time!




  • It's secure - Your family will have a unique login and password
  • You can access the School Directory from ANY internet connected device (computer, iPad, Smartphone, etc.) via the Membership Toolkit app!
  • You can update your data at any time if you move or change phone numbers.
  • You can search by a Grade and Teacher and sort by Parent / Guardian or Student Name.
  • You control if your information is published in the School Directory. (Please keep in mind, if it is not published, you will not be able to be contacted for party invites or playdates!)

Please note:  Membership Toolkit has NO connection or interface to Infinite Campus or VMS and the updated contact information that NSA MUST have for your family.  If your contact information changes you MUST notify the school.


Questions or Issues? – Contact Dawn D’Amato at


CLICK HERE to access Membership Toolkit and Verify / Update / Add your Contact Information and be sure to choose what will be published in our School Directory.  Don't forget to download the Free Membership Toolkit App!