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NSA believes family volunteerism in our school is a key component to the successful education of our Students. Families involved in their child’s education help make learning a priority and thus benefits the Student while putting them first. Volunteering can take on many forms from helping in the classroom, assisting staff in the lunchroom and on the playground, or doing projects at home.

Volunteer Hours

At NSA, each Household volunteers a minimum of 40 hours per academic year (or 20 hours for single parent Households – you MUST contact the Volunteer Coordinator to qualify). At the start of each new school year Volunteers are asked to log into Track it Forward [TIF] our Volunteer Management System to verify and update their contact information (if necessary) and to update their student information (i.e. grade). Please note: in order to log your hours, you must return the necessary school Registration Forms and DCSD Parent Volunteer Agreement.

Volunteer Requirements
  • Review the Volunteer Handbook
  • Sign up for your volunteer interests in TIF
  • Log volunteer hours in TIF within the month of volunteering
  • Maintain and keep your TIF account up-to-date
  • Sign in and out with the school’s Administrative office when you are volunteering at the school
  • Wear an approved volunteer badge at all times (to be provided by NSA)
Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers are primarily recruited from TIF based on ‘Interests’ as needs arise, or as we begin to start planning for an Event. For instance, an ‘Interest’ in TIF is ‘School Pictures’. Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the scheduled event we will pull the names of all Volunteers who have selected ‘School Pictures’ as an ‘Interest’ in TIF and will send out a recruitment email.

We occasionally recruit Volunteers via our weekly newsletter in the Volunteer Connection section. In this instance, you will find a contact name and email address that you can email to volunteer and offer assistance, or you will find a link to our online scheduling system where you can schedule yourself.

Traffic Duty Volunteers are recruited throughout the school year by GRADE LEVEL beginning with Middle School parents (our most experienced volunteers).  There is no ‘Interest’ to select in TIF because everyone participates in Traffic Duty!

Volunteer Appreciation

We are VERY appreciative of all our dedicated NSA Families and we want to be able to thank you for your hard work and commitment to our students and school. Below is an outline of our Volunteer Appreciation Program:

  • Achieving Your 40 Hours – for achieving your volunteer commitment you will be rewarded with a small token of our appreciation as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your time and many talents!
  • Volunteer Appreciation Celebration (by invitation) – volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty either via volunteer hours or special assistance to NSA will be invited to our annual Volunteer Appreciation celebration at the end of the school year.  In order to receive the invitation, you must have completed and logged 40 hours and 6 shifts of traffic duty.

For additional information on NSA’s Volunteer Program, please contact Courtney Smith, Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].