NSA recently hosted a school-wide assembly with Brickelle Bro, a local Paralympian athlete and current senior at Rock Canyon High School. In support of the school’s character education program, NSA reached out to Brickelle as someone who exemplifies excellence and could speak to the students about challenges and triumphs. After the event, the school community conducted a fundraising program and raised $1,400 for Brickelle Bro’s My Feet Don’t Stink foundation. Read story.


North Star Academy is an award-winning K-8 charter school located in Western Parker, in the Stonegate community. The school utilizes the Core Knowledge sequence, an award-winning character education program and a district-recognized model foreign language program to deliver instruction allowing students to meet their highest academic potential. The school prides itself on the academic growth of individual students and has received numerous awards including the John Irwin School of Excellence Award, the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award and has been recognized as a National School of Character.