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North Star Academy is using SchoolBzz, a new communications app which brings relevant school information and updates directly to you.


As a member of your school’s SchoolBzz community, you have access to staff profiles, school-wide announcements and the ability to subscribe to communication channels relevant to your child. All of this is conveniently accessible from one simple app!  


Learn more about SchoolBzz in this short video.


Getting Started

  1. To download the SchoolBzz app on your mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play store (keyword SchoolBzz - one word and no “u”) and SIGN UP.
  2. Search for the channels or classes that your child has and subscribe to them. You will receive an aggregate announcement feed across all your channels.

SchoolBzz Support

If you have any questions or just need extra help, you can access videos and user guides on the SchoolBzz Support Center. You can also email the SchoolBzz Team directly at To access SchoolBzz on your desktop, go to and create your account.


Thank you and welcome to SchoolBzz!