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The North Star Academy Foundation is a supporting entity of the school that is directly responsible for managing the funds raised to support new programs and initiatives at NSA. Annually, the goal is to raise $150,000 through fundraising efforts initiated by the Foundation. Strategically, and as a community, we are reaching success, however it is a continuous effort. Support comes in multiple ways and we seek time, donations, services, as well as direct financial support.

The NSA Foundation is always looking for ways to help the school raise money and we welcome your ideas and suggestions for new opportunities.

The NSA Foundation is a separate entity that helps NSA with school fundraising efforts.

YTD Total Fundraising Efforts For 17-18 School Year: TOTAL: $0




Total Fundraising Efforts For 16-17 School Year: TOTAL: $171,000

Fun Run ~ $52,000; Auction ~ $72,000; Card Programs ~ $30,500; Misc ~ $16,500

Total Fundraising Efforts For 15-16 School Year: TOTAL: $180,000

Fun Run ~ $52,000; Auction ~ $86,000; Card Programs ~ $33,000; Misc ~ $9,000


To contact the NSA Foundation, email info@nstarfoundation.org.